Is Natalie Portman Pregnant?

Natalie Portman Golden Globes
Natalie Portman, earlier this weekend at the Critics Choice Awards

Is Natalie Portman pregnant? Maybe her loose-fitting dress at the Golden Globe Awards confused some people into thinking that the actress had just eaten a few too many cookies after she was finished with her role in “Black Swan.” She was named Best Actress for that role.

After all, she did lose twenty pounds to play that role last year.  Maybe Natalie Portman just ate a little too much after she finally didn’t have to keep her weight down so low to fit into her ballerina costumes.

Sorry, it wasn’t cookies. Natalie Portman is pregnant! She is engaged to Benjamin Millepied, who was one of the choreographers for “Black Swan.”

You can see what she had to say about her dress for the Golden Globes here.

Picture: PRPhotos