Is New Lady Gaga Song a Madonna Rip-Off? LISTEN & Compare!


The world is abuzz with the sound of Gaga, Lady Gaga that is. The pop sensation released a new dance number on Friday called “I Was Born This Way”. But there is something about this song, something in the way it sounds, like we’ve heard it before. You know why? Because it totally sounds like not one but TWO old Madonna songs!

The basic tone of “I Was Born This Way” sounds suspiciously like “Express Yourself” with a vocal break that is way reminiscent of Madonna’s “Vogue.”  Lady Gaga sound, style and envelope pushing ways is totally Madonna in the first place, so this really shouldn’t come as any surprise. But the question is, was it intentional? Is Madonna so in Lady Gaga DNA that she accidentially rewrote her work? Or is she paying homage to the Queen of Pop?

Listen to Lady Gaga’s “I Was Born This Way” and compare it to “Express Yourself” and “Vogue” below.

What do you think? Rip off or original?

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