Is Nick Cannon A Loose Cannon?

Nick Cannon
Should Nick Cannon be acting like a child when his wife is on bump watch?

It is sure starting to look that way!

Instead of taking steps to end an ongoing feud with rapper and celeb dad Eminem, Nick Cannon took to the airwaves to add more fuel to the already burning fire. Real smart. Earlier this week, Cannon reportedly used his radio show as a platform to address the issues in what I consider to be one of the most immature ways possible. Rather than letting the issue fizzle out, or even, God forbid, calling a truce, MiMi’s hubby explained that he would, “slap Eminem in the face when he runs into him.”

It seems like he has gone from talking about having a child to straight up acting like one. Let’s suppose, for one minute, the rumors that his wife Mariah is expecting are true. Does he think that saying something so stupid would set a good example for his child? He has completely contradicted so many things parents strive to teach their young children, like ‘violence isn’t the answer’ and to ‘try to be the bigger person’. Very disappointing, to say the least.

Who do you think will be the first to knock some sense into Cannon, Mariah or Eminem?

Photo: PR Photos