Is Pamela Anderson's Lifestyle Good for Her Kids?


Pamela Anderson, 42, went out in a big way last night — and that’s by no means a rare event. Granted, every mom is entitled to some fun now and then. But it seems as if Pamela is having enough fun for all of us combined. She said her stint on Dancing with the Stars would “keep her out of trouble.” Well, apparently not. Here she is leaving The Plaza Towers in Beverly Hills yesterday, but things allegedly turned into a train wreck later in the evening.  And that can’t be good for her two sons with Tommy Lee, Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 12.

Reports indicate the former Bay Watch babe was “escorted out” of Guys and Dolls in West Hollywood, her dress stained with alcohol and a general mess. And let’s not forget her on-again off-again romance with Lee and short-lived marriages to Kid Rock — which lasted 16 months — and Rick Soloman, lasting even shorter at four months and was annulled. And there was an engagement to some model in there as well. Really, what message is this lifestyle sending to her children?  And, well, less importantly: Don’t get me started on her outfit. And how fun would it be to go to dance rehearsal (presumably) hung over?

Photo: Pacific Coast News


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