Is Rachel Zoe Pregnant With Baby #2?!? (Photos)

Is Rachel Zoe Pregnant?

Is fashionista, stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe hiding something? Rumors are swirling that Rachel could be pregnant with baby number two!

While in St. Barts  – while vacationing there with hubby Roger Berman, and pals like designer Marc Jacobs Zoe kept very much covered up while everyone else traipsed around in bikinis and short.  Like really covered up.

Radaronline talked to a source who said that, “Rachel is just past the three month mark so she’s hardly showing yet at all,” the source said. “She’s thrilled, but, quite frankly a little shocked!” They added, “She didn’t think she would fall pregnant a second time, let alone so quickly!” How does the couple feel about this? The source said that, “both her and Roger are really, really happy though, and Rachel is hoping for a little girl this time round, although more than anything she just wants another healthy, happy baby.”

Check out these photos of Rachel Zoe all covered up at the beach…can you spot the baby bump?

  • Is Rachel Zoe Hiding Something? 1 of 7
    Is Rachel Zoe Hiding Something?
    An odd place for a hat?
  • Rachel Zoe Holds Her Belly 2 of 7
    Rachel Zoe Holds Her Belly
    Could she be touching baby number 2?
  • Covered Up 3 of 7
    Covered Up
    She really worked on covering up as much as she could!
  • Kept a Long Cover Up on The Whole Time 4 of 7
    Kept a Long Cover Up on The Whole Time
    She never was seen without a long cover up on.
  • Not Drinking 5 of 7
    Not Drinking
    While her hubby drank champagne, Rachel stuck with water.
  • Getting a Sun Tan ? 6 of 7
    Getting a Sun Tan ?
    Aren't you supposed to NOT wear a full length dress when sun bathing?
  • A Baby Bump 7 of 7
    A Baby Bump
    Do you spy a baby bump here?