Is Robert De Niro Selfish For Having A Baby Daughter At Age 68?

Robert De Niro is a new papa again!

If you thought being a  Teen Mom was bad, how about having children…. in your late fifties and sixties?!?

Hollywood legend Robert De Niro, 68, and his 56-year-old wife Grace just welcomed a new baby girl, Helen Grace Hightower, who was born via a surrogate mother.

Oh that’s right -no typos in that sentence there!

The baby girl, who weighed in at 7-pounds and 2-ounces, of course isn’t De Niro’s first child. The A-list actor has a daughter, Drena, 40, and a son, Raphael, 35, with his former wife, Diahnne Abbott. He also has 16-year-old twin sons Julian and Aaron with his ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith.

And here we’re giving Kevin Federline a hard time for having five kids with three different women too, right?

While a congratulations is in order for the proud parents, let’s get a little real here. Being parents again at the ages of 56 and 68? Doesn’t little Helen deserve to have her parents for more than fifteen years… max?

What do you think? Are parents who have babies much later in their lives being selfish or is this acceptable?

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