Is Robyn Gibson Supporting Mel For Money?


It’s pretty clear that Mel Gibson is a raging abusive jerk. The tapes prove this as true. No matter how much you are baited, hitting a child is never the answer.

The big question is what happened that made Mel so insane. His ex wife Robyn has come out supporting him, claiming he never acted that way with her. This means the drastic change in personality occurred recently.  Unless of course, she’s lying.

Any medical professional will tell you: Abuse is a habitual and continuous thing. Abuse does not happen is isolated incidents and Robyn certainly has reason to lie for Mel. She could be lying for money.

Mel offered Oksana $20 million for her silence. It’s not too much of a stretch to think Robyn could have gotten the same deal or an even larger one since they were married for a whopping 29 years.

During their marriage, Mel became an alcoholic and sources claim to Life & Style that Robyn would find Perrier bottles filled with booze hidden throughout their home. In 1984 he got into a drunk driving accident, to be followed in 2006 by his infamous DUI arrest and anti-Semitic tirade. It’s been said that he drank five pints of beer a day for breakfast. Now Mel may have kept his cool with his family while slaughtered out of his mind, but I have a hard time buying that.

“What Robvn put up with for the last 10 years was often sheer hell. He’d go on alcohol-fueled rages, and she’d be terrified—not only for her own life but for the lives of her children,” says a source. Another insider claims she blames him for two of their children suffering substance abuse. Another insider claims, “He would scream and yell at her for the most minor things.”

Robyn has seven children to think about. If Mel cut off the money, they would suffer. Perhaps, she is standing by him in order to support her family?