Is Sandra Bullock Adopting Another Baby?

sandra bullock
Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is planning to bring another child into her family of two, according to Star magazine.

Will son Louis have a sibling?

Since adopting Louis, Sandra has been very happy. Especially after separating from her cheating husband, Jesse James.

“He brought so much joy to her  life right when she needed it most, and she thinks having another baby will double her happiness,” the insider told the magazine.

“She was interested in welcoming a pair of siblings into her home but she’s hesitant to take on such a responsibility because she’s traveling so much for work.”

Is this true?  Or just another rumor?

A rep for Sandra said:  “Ms. Bullock has no intention of adopting another child at this time.”

But this apparent insider says that the new adoption could be happening as soon as this summer.

“Sandra knows she has even more eyes on her now, so she has barely whispered a word about this to anyone.”

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