Is Santa Real: How To Tackle The Dreaded Christmas Question

is santa real is santa claus real is santa real or fake
Is Santa real or fake? How to answer the delicate kids' question.

“Is Santa real?” Life will never be the same once you hear that question. It signals the end of innocence and the beginning of real life in your household. Your child is old enough to begin questioning things, and how you answer this delicate question could determine whether your child believes anything you say in the future. So how do you answer “is Santa real or fake?” Here’s three approaches.

1. You tell the truth. Expect questions about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy to follow. There will be a little less magic in your house.

2. You lie. You say definitively that Santa is real and point to the Norad Santa tracker as proof … but you also risk impinging your credibility later, when your kids find out on their own.

3. You hedge your bets. You explain that believing in Santa makes him real, no matter what the other kids say. Is Santa Claus real? If you believe in Santa, he really does exist in spirit, if not in the very fleshy flesh.

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