Is Sarah Palin Going to Be a Grandma Again?!?

Is Sarah Palin Going to Be a Grandma Again?

It appears that Sarah Palin will be welcoming another bundle of joy into her family, the one-time Vice-Presidential candidate and full time Mama Grizzly may be becoming a grandmother once again.

With her own toddler at home and grandson Tripp in the family, this new addition will have instant playmates with their cousin and very young uncle. So who in the Palin clan is expecting?

According to Gawker, Sarah Palin’s eldest son Track and his brand new bride Britta Hanson will be having a baby. The two, who have been dating since high school,  got hitched just two months ago. Do we smell a shot gun wedding?  On Facebook there were photos of what looked to be a knocked up Britta surrounded by a plethora of baby gifts, maybe from her baby shower?

There hasn’t been any official word from the Palin camp, but those kids sure know how to procreate!

You can check out photos of what appears to be a pregnant Mrs. Palin here.


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