Selena Gomez Pregnant? Rumors Not True, Selena Tested for Blood Pressure Issues

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Selena Gomez pregnant? Why did Selena go to the hospital?

Is Selena Gomez pregnant? The rumors started to fly when news hit that Selena Gomez was hospitalized after a recent Tonight Show appearance Thursday night.

What happened to Selena Gomez? Why was Selena hospitalized? Seems Gomez was rushed to the hospital after complaining of a severe headache and nausea, though no details of her illness were revealed.

Rumors that Selena Gomez was pregnant and carrying Justin Bieber’s baby made the rounds, and while her rep didn’t shoot it down, is now reporting that those Selena Gomez pregnancy rumors are not true.

Instead, it seems that Gomez is experiencing some blood pressure issues, making a return visit to doctors over the weekend for additional testing.

TMZ reports, “Sources tell us Gomez has undergone a number of tests for blood pressure issues, but so far … doctors have not been able to determine what is causing the problem.”

The website does seem to know that the Selena Gomez pregnant rumors aren’t true, commenting: “Oh … as for the rumors going around she’s pregnant … totally untrue.”

What do you think happened to Selena Gomez?