Is Selena Gomez Pregnant with Justin Bieber's Baby?

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant?

It’s just one of those things. When a woman of child bearing years complains of nausea, many a mind will leap to the idea that she could be knocked up. That is just what happened with Selena Gomez this week when she complained of feeling ill and having a severe headache.

After a taping of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, Selena was rushed to the hospital due to her nausea and headache and stayed overnight for testing and observation. They did not disclose what ailed her, but could she be pregnant?

In the tests, if she is indeed sexually active (with Justin Bierber no less), the hospital would include a pregnancy test in their work up. It’s pretty standard when a woman complains of those ailments and fits other criteria. But if she was pregnant, they would not have had her stay overnight. They would have just released and let her on merry (and pregnant) way. It could be a flu or just stress or as TMZ reported blood issues, since this young lady has a whole lot on her plate. And adding a baby would just make it WAY fuller. And just think about the reaction from Justin Bieber fans! She’s already had death threats for just dating him, imagine if she actually got pregnant by him!