Is Shania Twain Trying To Get Pregnant?

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Shania Twain wedding photos

Are Shania Twain and husband Frederic Thiebaud trying to conceive?

According to Star Magazine, the Canadian country singer is hoping to have a baby with her new hubby.  But they are struggling with infertility.

Twain, 45, is reportedly trying to conceive and has been experimenting with acupuncture, meditation, vitamins and fertility drugs.

“She knows conceiving can be difficult for a woman her age,” a source close to Shania explains to Star Magazine. “She really hoped she wouldn’t have to face infertility.”

After marrying Thiebaud four months ago, Twain apparently has hopes for a child.

Not sure if Star Magazine’s report is true or false.  But if it is true, the singer must be feeling frustrating.

Thiebaud reportedly has been looking at other options such as surrogacy or adoption.

“He’s also been calling around to adoption agencies, figuring out how they should proceed if they decide that’s what they definitely want to do.”

Both Shania and Frederic have 9-year-olds from their previous marriages: Shania’s son, Eja and Frederic’s daughter, Johanna.

The source also said that Twain would love to have a daughter.