Is She or Isn't She? The Gisele Bundchen Bump Watch Continues! (Photos)

Is Gisele Bundchen Laughing At Us?

Look at the this picture at left. Doesn’t it look like Gisele Bundchen is just laughing at all us baby bump watchers with a “ha, ha, ha, I’m not telling,” followed by a bellowing maniacal laugh? But she can do that….she’s frickin’ Gisele Bundchen the highest paid model ever!

Gisele with or without her baby bump (who knows right?) was spotted at the launch of the 2012 contest Top Cufa, which is a contest aimed at up and coming models that are living in the slums of Brazil. She was there to speak about her amazing career and to give advice to the girls. And no, she did not dish on whether she was pregnant or not!

But can you tell? Check out this picture below and see what you think. Is she or isn’t?


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