Is Stacey Keibler the One George Clooney Will Settle Down and Have Kids With?


stacey keibler, george clooney
Stacey Keibler steps out as George Clooney's latest lady love.

George Clooney introduced his new lady love, Stacey Keibler, to the world over the weekend at the Toronto Film Festival. The only thing is, we’re very well aware of who she is. It’s their love connection that made its debut.

According to People magazine, “The actress and model known for her 42 in.-long legs is also a retired professional wrestler and unabashed tomboy.”

So is this finally the one that Clooney will settle down with and have kids?

Well, if we know one thing about Keibler, it’s that she’s the serious kind. Keibler dated She’s Out of My League and 7th Heaven star Geoff Stults for five years before they split in early 2010.

What do you think? Is this the real deal? Is Clooney ready to settle down?

Check out more photos of Stacey below!

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    Stacey Keibler
    Stacey keeps it casual at this event.
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    Stacey Keibler
    Stacey getting a little sexy with this see-through dress.
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    Stacey Keibler
    Stacey showing off her backside!
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    Stacy Keibler
    Stacey looking a little like pepto bismol in this dress.

[Photos via PR Photos.]