Is Stephanie Seymour a Bad Mom?


barone12-21-27Supermodel Stephanie Seymour’s divorce from hubby Peter Brant ain’t pretty. It’s getting down right ugly. And the kids custody is at stake. That’s never fun. What’s the newest with this battle of the exes?

The police had been called to the couple’s home, Seymour claimed that Peter’s security crew assaulted her. Brant then accused Seymour of drug abuse. Yeah, the two aren’t playing nice.

In court papers filed, Brant claims that Seymour had to have treatment for Vicodin abuse and she also had become addicted to Subutex (a drug that’s used for opiate addiction). He also says that she missed court required breathalyzer tests and twice submitted urine samples that were too cold?!? Turns out that there is a ‘minimum valid temperature’ for urine samples. Who knew?  Besides being a drug addict, he claims his wife was also a thief. He says that Seymour “broke in” to their home in Florida and took $700k worth of stuff but she kept the kids in a hotel in Connecticut while she went looting.  Brant is now asking to have sole custody of their children.

Via Jezebel