Is Suri Cruise A Harry Potter Fan?


Sure, Suri is a bit young at 4 years old to watch some of the later, darker films in the Potter series, but she’s sure to love the earlier flicks featuring Harry, Ron and Hermion. What kid doesn’t?

Well, the lucky little one may have a chance to meet the boy wizard!  Mom Katie Holmes will be presenting with Harry himself, Daniel Radcliffe, at this Sunday’s Tony Awards.

Dad Tom Cruise may have busted a move on stage with the Black Eyed Peas and performed at the MTV Movie Awards, but this definitely puts Katie ahead in the ranks of Coolest Parent.

Katie Holmes made her Broadway debut in the 2008 revival of Arthur Miller’s 1947 All My Sons and will be presenting the best featured actress at the 64th annual wards show honoring Broadway’s best. 

The stars make their way to Radio City early in the day, which may give Suri a chance to meet Daniel pre-show. Otherwise, I’m sure Katie could convince him to make time for a special meeting. Let’s hope he brings her some Bertie Botts.