Is Suri Cruise Afraid of the Paparazzi? (Photos)

suri cruise
Suri Cruise hides her face from photographers.

While Suri Cruise leads a very privileged lifestyle, I can’t help but think that it’s kind of tough to be her sometimes. Because her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, are two of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, she is one of the most highly recognized celeb kids by default.

Flashing lights and money hungry photographers follow Suri from coast-to-coast, and judging from plenty of photos taken of her, she is less than thrilled with their presence. In fact, Suri Cruise almost seems like she’s afraid of the paparazzi.

Nine times out of ten, Suri is either running away, hiding her face, or clinging to Tom or Katie when photographs are taken of her.

Take a look at the pictures below. Doesn’t Suri seem a little bit fearful to you?


  • Clingy! 1 of 15
    Suri holds onto Katie for dear life.
  • Sprinting! 2 of 15
    Suri sprinted out of the car and into her NYC apartment.
  • Hiding! 3 of 15
    Suri shields herself with a stuffed animal.
  • Nice Disguise! 4 of 15
    Nice Disguise!
    We know that's you under that plastic bin, Suri!
  • Nose in a Book! 5 of 15
    Nose in a Book!
    Suri tried to conceal herself from photographers with a magazine.
  • Making a break for it! 6 of 15
    Making a break for it!
    Suri is getting good at outrunning the paparazzi.
  • Mom keeps her safe! 7 of 15
    Mom keeps her safe!
    Suri is often seen with her head buried in Katie's neck.
  • Holding onto Daddy… 8 of 15
    Holding onto Daddy...
    Tom steps in to block Suri from the flashing lights.
  • Covered Up 9 of 15
    Covered Up
    Suri is often seen with a blanket to help keep her covered.
  • Wasn’t Suri hot? 10 of 15
    Wasn't Suri hot?
    This photo was taken in Miami last June. Suri must've been sweating!
  • Mom & Dad love the spotlight. 11 of 15
    Mom & Dad love the spotlight.
    Tom and Katie don't seem to mind the cameras, but Suri hates them!
  • Long hair comes in handy! 12 of 15
    Long hair comes in handy!
    Suri covered her face with her hair to hide.
  • It’s a ghost! 13 of 15
    It's a ghost!
    Good grief. Could Suri breathe under that blanket?
  • Clutching Daddy 14 of 15
    Clutching Daddy
    Tom keeps a good grip on his little girl!
  • Nice Slippers! 15 of 15
    Nice Slippers!
    Suri may have kept her face away from photographers, but there was no hiding those slippers!

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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