Is 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Getting 5 Years in Prison? Will She Be An Absentee Mom?

Amber Portwood

One has to feel very sad for Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, and even sadder for her young daughter Leah. Currently, Amber’s ex and Leah’s dad Gary Shirley has custody of Leah, but at least Amber gets to see her a bunch. But it may be far harder for the mother and daughter to get together, because Amber could possibly  go to prison for five years. Yes, FIVE years. But…

she won’t have to go to jail if and only if she completes the court’s demand for her to go to a drug rehabilitation program. Amber stuck a plea deal with the court. TMZ reported that,”Amber pled guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of probation violation.”

If she doesn’t complete rehab she will be sent directly to prison, with no way to get out of it. But there is still one last bit of business. The judge needs to approve the plea deal which will happen on Feb. 6th.

Let’s hope Amber follows the court’s orders this time!



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