Is Teen Mom Amber Portwood Pregnant Again?

Teen Mom Amber Portwood
Is Teen Mom Amber Portwood pregnant again?

Good grief. Reports are coming out today that there is a possibility that Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood may be pregnant again. Say it isn’t so!

A source close to Amber says that she is telling people that she is indeed, expecting her 2nd child. The father of Amber’s daughter, Leah, Gary Shirley, recently found out that Amber is with child when they were on a trip together to Tennessee. Supposedly he has been telling friends that Amber is pregnant again.

I have to say, I wouldn’t be totally shocked to hear that Amber Portwood is pregnant. But if she is actually expecting another baby, the bigger question is: “Who is the father?”

Amber has been off and on with Gary Shirley for quite some time now, but she has been seeing other men. There is definitely the possibility that she conceived the child with someone other than Gary.

Gary’s best friend, Jordan Sanchez, also thinks that there is a chance that Amber is making the whole thing up. He says, “Pretending to be pregnant could just be another example of her trying to manipulate him and keep people interested in the show.”

If she has fabricated this pregnancy, it’s a pretty cruel joke to play on Gary. Don’t you think?