Is 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Baby Daddy Looking To Re-enter Her and Jace's Life?


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Jenelle Evans spending time with her son Jace.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans may need to move boyfriend Kieffer out of her life and make room for baby daddy Charles Andrew Lewis. Jace’s father is looking to enter his and Jenelle’s life after being absent for the last two years. But Jenelle may not be having it.

“i HATE how yr ex’s think that they can step back into yr life to raise their child after they weren’t there for the past 2 yrs of their life,” Jenelle wrote on her Facebook fanpage. “like wtf now that they are somewhat independent yu will take care of them?! nahhh, doesn’t workout like that buddy [sic].”

And don’t expect any sort of reconciliation on Jenelle’s part. “No I’m not getting back with Andrew,” she admitted. “Ewww, lol. He lives in Florida and I’m in NC. I’m single and not dating anyone fit a LONG TIME. He want me back and I have messages to prove it but I don’t want him. Point blank…”

It seems as though Jenelle may never be able to forgive Andrew for being such an absentee father. “Not to mention I have ALWAYS been in jaces life. If I didn’t why does he call me mommy ?!” she shared. “As for Andrew he dipped out to Florida for 2 years and was MIA didn’t want anything to do with jace, no calls, no cards, and no visitation. I even tried to contact him and he didn’t give two f*cks.”

What do you think? Should Jenelle give Andrew another chance?

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