Is Teen Mom Star Catelynn Actually A Good Example For Kids?


Last night’s episode of MTV’s Teen Mom featured tons of drama with its four young stars–including a big blowout with Catelynn Lowell and her own mom.

Lowell, the only teen mom who put her baby, Carly, up for adoption, has had a rocky relationship with mom April and, throughout her seasons of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom has endured extreme negativity from her mom for her adoption choice.

In last night’s episode, Lowell returned home to her mom after boyfriend Tyler’s father (who is in a relationship with April) headed off to rehab–but she didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome. April used her daughter as a verbal punching bag, once again chastising Lowell for putting Carly up for adoption, calling her a lazy ‘f***ing a**hole,’ and telling Lowell ‘sit in your f***ing room and rot’ and to ‘shut your mouth before I shut it for you.’

But the amazing thing here is how Lowell reacted–or, rather, didn’t react. No matter how many horrifying thing Lowell’s mom said to her–and she said plenty–the 18-year-old didn’t fight back. She remained completely calm throughout April’s outburst, and eventually left the room without so much as a light insult.

Is it possible that young girls can actually learn a few things from Lowell? We think so. Not only was the young reality star level-headed throughout her pregnancy and adoption process, she’s clearly learned how to handle some of the most difficult situations with grace and maturity. What a relief to have at least one reality star who our kids can learn something from.



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