Is That Gisele Bundchen's Baby Bump On The Cover Of Brazilian Vogue?

Is she pregnant?

It seems like the entertainment world is trying to play us for a bunch of fools. That, or they probably don’t get it that we can adjust the resolutions on her laptop screens. Gisele Bundchen, who may or may not be pregnant with her second child with her hubby, NFL star Tom Brady, is on the cover of this month’s Brazilian Vogue and we can’t help but ask: is that a baby bump you’re hiding under all those dots, Gis?

The celebrity mom looked like her stylish self on the cover with a polka-dot explosion of an ensemble and fashionable accessories (hey, it’s Vogue!). While Gisele has been staying rather mum about the supposed pregnancy, a few tabloid mags such as Us Weekly have picked up on the rumor and have declared her preggers.

Take a look at the cover and tell us, do you think Gisele is expecting again?