Is The Celebrity World Glamorizing Teenage Pregnancies? (Photos)

The Teen Moms

Ahh, those Teen Moms. While some of us might love them and others hate them, there’s no denying that they’ve made a profound impact on teenage pregnancy statistics since they were first introduced on our television screens.

According to statistics, the teen pregnancy rate is down and many say Amber Portwood and company are to thank. But on the other hand, you can’t help but notice MTV adding more girls and more spinoff shows to their successful “Teen Mom” franchise with each girl publicity and paychecks for doing exactly what they’re trying to preach to young girls to not do: get pregnant.

So really, what are we to learn from these women who are making a small fortune off their wrong-turns in life (I almost wanted to say accidents, but I won’t)? Teen Mommer Farrah Abraham recently opened up in an interview, revealing how much she does an eye roll with dollar signs in them each time she hears someone talk about the glamorization of Teen Moms:

“I hear this time and time again and my response is Teen Mom shows the realities of teen pregnancy and the repercussions thereof. In fact, the series shows how un-glamorous and difficult our lives can be as a result of teen pregnancy. It is an educational documentary series and it serves to educate teens on the hardships of being a teen parent.”

Well said, Farrah. But at the same time, that educational documentary helped you become a household name to those who still watch MTV and has given you the financial boost to go after opportunities that you’d otherwise wouldn’t have without the show. It says something when some Teen Mommers such as Maci Bookout and Chelsea Houska have over half a million Twitter followers with fans taking in each and every tweet, boyfriend fight, and trip and fall from these girls. Surely the Life & Style mag covers aren’t done for free and that’s where the “glamorization” part comes in and that’s what young girls see.

So tell us Babble readers, do you think the Teen Mom franchise is glamorizing teenage pregnancy and single motherhood or is it doing the opposite? How much “education” do you really think is coming out of their “documentaries?” I mean, do we not see the “glamour” and fame that comes in the pic below? Tell us your thoughts!


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