Is The Paparazzi Creating A Silver Lining For Katie Holmes On The Closing Day Of Dead Accounts? (Photos)

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was photographed for the very last time walking to and from the her performance of Dead Accounts on Broadway at The Music Box Theatre!

I can’t help but think that Katie will enjoy having a little privacy back on her walks! Although, I am sure they are still out there and will be trying to take as many as possible. But, this change in her schedule will definitely keep the paparazzi hard at work trying to figure out her schedule!

  • Katie Holmes! 1 of 7
    Katie Holmes!
    Katie is looking extremely happy as she gets to work!
  • Purse! 2 of 7
    Katie seems to be holding on tight to her purse!
  • The Bag! 3 of 7
    The Bag!
    Katie seems to be bringing dinner with her!
  • The Man! 4 of 7
    The Man!
    I don't know who the man is but he seems to be making Katie smile!
  • Money! 5 of 7
    Do you think he wants a tip?
  • Hey, Katie! 6 of 7
    Hey, Katie!
    Actress Katie Holmes seen flashing a smile while arriving to the Broadway show Dead Accounts at the Music Box Theatre in New York.
  • The Coat! 7 of 7
    The Coat!
    This is one nice big, blue puffy coat!!! Love it !

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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