Is There an Oscar Curse?!?


Is there an Oscar curse? For women who win the best actress award, it sure is starting to look that way!

Acclaimed actresses like Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank and Reese Witherspoon were talented and lucky enough to bring home an Academy Award but then things weren’t so happy off stage, with their marriages breaking up not long after.

And the curse was really working its’ mojo in overdrive this week… There were two big breakups with Kate Winslet announced her divorce from Sam Mendes and the explosive news breaking that Sandra Bullock‘s husband allegedly cheated.

For Sandra Bullock March 2010 will go down as the best of times and the worst of time.  Fresh off of winning her first Oscar she had to deal with the news that her beloved husband Jesse James supposedly had an affair with a heavily tattooed model and mom of two. Sandra has been extremely supportive of her Monster Garage host hubby, even helping raise his young daughter Sunny from his last marriage.

Kate Winslet won the  Oscar in 2009 for best actress for her work in The Reader. Her husband and father of her son Jack – the director Sam Mendes- are in the process of getting a divorce having separated earlier in the year. Although some reports say that Kate got ‘bored’ of the marriage, there is also some speculation that Sam was carrying on an affair with the actress Rebecca Hall but his rep has stated that the rumor is ,”Untrue and ridiculous.”

Let’s hope that all the kids in both of these star studded families will be able to cope with all the divorce/breakup drama.

Do you think there is an Oscar curse?