Is There Hope for Tiger's Marriage? A Gallery of Cheating Husbands


There’s little doubt—as Tiger Woods makes his post-adultery golf debut this week—that his professional life will rebound. That’s one of the joys of the sports arena: during game time, a player wins or loses based solely on his athletic prowess. But what about his marriage? Is there any hope for that to come back? Because while he’s on the links, wife Elin Nordgren is watching her cheating husband’s dalliances play out on a national stage. Porn star and mistress Joslyn James told the press on April 5, “after the birth of [Tiger’s] daughter Sam, he was with me ten days later.” Oh my, I think I hear Elin’s lunch coming back up.

Yet, as other Unfaithful Celebrity Fathers have proven, a happy ending isn’t completely impossible. Read on for the facts about three other unfaithful celebrity dads, and the states of their unions…

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1. Jesse James. He and Sandra Bullock have already split their households, have no kids together, and, given his proclivity for posing as a Nazi and hooking up on his office couch, it’s tough, at this point, to believe that they’re actually soul mates. The saddest part? Sandra wasted her touching Oscar speech on this cad. Verdict? Marriage over.

2. David Letterman. Think about it: you marry David Letterman, and surely assume that you don’t have to worry about him cheating. I mean, he’s got a sharp sense of satire, but he’s no George Clooney. Or Brad Pitt. Or even Jesse James. Still, Letterman cheated with numerous members of his staff. He apologized on air to wife Regina Lasko (mother of his son Henry), who’d been his companion for more than 20 years. Rumor has it she’s thinking about filing for divorce, but, for the moment, the two are together. Verdict? Unclear. She has plenty to gain by leaving him (namely, half of his $300-million fortune and her self respect), but so far she’s sticking around.

3. David Duchovny. After a 2008 stint in sex rehab and a brief marital separation, Duchovny and wife Téa Leoni (mother of their two kids) are back on track. Verdict? This 13-year marriage has staying power. Tiger would do well to follow the Duchov’s lead: stick with rehab, give Elin some emotional space, show contrition, and steer clear of friendships with porn stars. 

Which marriages do you think will survive?

Photo: Pacific Coast News