Is Tom Sizemore a Dead Beat Dad?


sizemoretom55027685Tom Sizemore is apparently quite the catch. Not. The troubled actor allegedly not only has had problems with the bottle and various substances but he does not have a way with the ladies, at least after he knocks them up.

Sizemore’s ex-girlfriend filed legal papers this week claiming that he hasn’t supported the couple’s twins. The first line of the lawsuit? “TOM SIZEMORE is a DEAD BEAT DAD”. Not so subtle, pretty damn to the point.

His ex says that he owes $58,800 in child support for the twins born in 2005.  Along with that she is seeking for  health insurance coverage for their children and $50,000 for attorney fees. Although Sizemore has been raking in the dough for acting gigs, she claims he was paid $200,000 for the reality show Sober House and made another $200,000 for “Celebrity Rehab”.


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