Is Tori Spelling Dangerously Thin?


tori-spelling-liamFollowing Tori’s still unexplained stomach pains and collapse, doctors have ruled out pregnancy as a cause — but they haven’t ruled out malnourishment. At least, that’s the claim from Star Magazine, which made the claim last week that the celebrity mom weighs in at only 95lbs.

Tori fired back via the couple’s Twitter page, saying:

“Star Mag…LIES! Literally not 1 factual thing in entire article. And, come 2 my house&weigh me Star! I’m 107lbs. if you care about FACTS?!?”

Apparently, Star has been trying to set up an appointment with Tori for that weigh in, but she hasn’t agree to a time and date as of yet. What’s more is that they’ve now got a doctor who’s claiming that even at 107lbs, Tori’s still 13 pounds under a healthy weight for someone with her body type.

At least one insiders has claimed that marital stress is behind Tori’s collapse, saying that Dean only married her (and had 2 kids and stayed with her for 3+ years) to further his career. Really? To further his career as what? A celebrity dad with a reality show?

Seriously though, maybe Tori should see a nutrition specialist and learn how to freakin’ eat. Do you think that Tori’s recent health problems might stem from her low weight? Could those mysterious stomach pains be hunger pangs?

Add her to the list (along with Angelina Jolie and Posh) of celebrity moms claiming that their busy lifestyles are keeping them stick-thin.