Is Tori Spelling Pregnant Yet Again? Her Daughter Stella Thinks So!

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Tori Spelling may be expecting baby number four!

It wouldn’t be that surprising if Tori Spelling wound up pregnant quickly after giving birth to daughter Haggie Margaret. And according to her older daughter Stella, it sure looks that way!

Tori tweeted, “Stella touched my belly confused&said “mommy is there another baby N there? Why’s it still big?” #DamnIThoughtILookedGood #HumbledByMy3YrOld.”

Okay, so she may not be expecting at the moment. But Tori made it very clear that her and husband Dean McDermott aren’t done after just three children.

Take a look at some of Tori’s new family photos below!

  • Liam McDermott 1 of 5
    Liam McDermott
    Liam wants to know what everyone thinks of his Captain America costume?!?
  • Liam McDermott 2 of 5
    Liam McDermott
    Liam chillaxing in the baby's car seat.
  • Liam McDermott 3 of 5
    Liam McDermott
    Liam going through paint chips to pick paint to match wallpaper he picked for his room. Love he's into interior design.
  • Liam and Stella McDermott 4 of 5
    Liam and Stella McDermott
    The trampoline was a "hair raising" experience!
  • Hattie Margaret 5 of 5
    Hattie Margaret
    I can't believe 6 days ago this definition of deliciousness was in my belly!

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