Is Whitney Houston Pregnant: Why Did This Rumor Start?


Whitney Houston pregnant

Seriously people, do you really think Whitney Houston is having another baby?

There are new rumors that Whitney Houston could be pregnant. But the odds that she is are doubtful. She is forty-seven, has reportedly battled with substance abuse issues, and she is a mother to her sixteen year old daughter Bobbi.  So why did these rumors start?

Recent photos of Whitney Houston have shown a more full-figured Whitney. But there may be a reason why she is bigger, and it doesn’t have anything to do with being pregnant.

One rumor that is swirling about is that she had a sudden weight gain from steroid injections for a respiratory infection. The other is that the after effects of becoming clean and sober attributed to the weight gain.

Do you think there is a chance she could be pregnant or is it just another silly fake baby bump rumor?