Is Willow Palin Running With The Wrong Crowd?


McCain Palin 2008What’s the latest PR controversy plaguing the constantly embattled former VP candidate Sarah Palin? In a word: Willow. According to the rumor mill, Sarah and Todd’s 15-year-old daughter Willow has been linked to a wild  Wasilla party including (but not limited to) booze, beer-pong, and breaking and entering. Yikes!

Is Willow headed down the same dark path that her older sister was on when she infamously hooked up with persona non grata Levi Johnston? According to the Enquirer’s source (one of Willow’s classmates, supposedly):

“Willow has been running with the wrong crowd,” confides a friend. “They are a popular high school clique known as the Colony Girls, who are well known as hard partiers and are regularly involved in underage drinking and smoking dope…

“About two dozen kids broke into the house that was up for sale. They drank, played beer pong, listened to loud music – and trashed the place.

“Police were notified, and they investigated the incident for possible vandalism and breaking and entering. When the pal who threw the bash was questioned by police, she named Willow as one of the partiers.”

That’s bad news for any parents — especially those who have devoted their careers to “family values” politics. What worse, this is Sarah’s third child to seemingly have an appetite for trouble. Her oldest, Track, was sent to military school after abusing prescription meds, Willow well… we know what happened with her.

Now it seems that Sarah might have to keep an extra close watch on Willow. That’s a tall order for a mother with a busy career and three kids in the house… not to mention one with special needs.