Is Xtina Really Dating Matthew D. Rutler? His Mother Speaks!

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Matthew D. Rutler's Mother Speaks Out About His Date With Christina Aguilera

Earlier I reported that Christina Aguilera was spotted on a dinner date with Matthew D. Rutler, a set assistant from her upcoming film Burlesque. Whether that means the two are an item is yet to be known. But, his mother, Kathleen Rutler, is taking it upon herself to set the record straight!

Kathleen says, “He is a wonderful son and a very loyal person, who hates seeing anyone upset. There is no doubt he enjoys Christina’s company, as a friend! That is what she wants right now, a friend. Matthew has told me she really finds it hard to find anyone genuine to listen to her. Despite what it may seem like, she is finding this split very tough.”

There you have it. I always find it funny when someone not known is seen out with a celebrity, their parents always come out of the woodworks to elaborate on their relationship. Do you believe Kathleen?