Isaac Mizrahi Judges Top Chef Food By Looks Only


Well, there’s a Top Chef first: the food in the Quick Fire Challenge wouldn’t be tasted! Padma and Isaac Mizrahi would judge the dishes solely on presentation. The results were completely bizarre, though that’s how we viewers judge who we think should win each week.

Isaac Mizrahi should stick to the Fashion Show instead of bringing that kind of challenge to Top Chef. Though his snarky comments to some of the chefs made it worth it.

Richard and his weird black ice cream dish won the quick fire and immunity.

The Elimination Challenge was to cook a traditional Italian meal. Antonia, Fabio, and Mike all felt like they had something to prove, but the other contestants weren’t going to give up.

Fabio, Tiffany, Antonia, and Carla were on the top, though those waiting in the stew room were convinced that the foursome was going to be on the bottom.  The winner was Antonia.

It took a little while for those waiting in the stew room to clap for Antonia because they were in shock. Mike, Dale, and Tre were on the bottom.  And other favorite was eliminated: Tre went home from Top Chef All-Stars.

Who do you think will be named Top Chef this season?