Isla Fisher Picks Up Her Ballerina


Newlywed Isla Fisher and leotard-clad Olive were snapped by photographers on their way home from dance class yesterday in Studio City, CA. Holding the anti-paparazzi umbrella was Isla’s bodyguard (that’s not Sacha in an elaborate disguise, FYI).

Olive’s parents finally tied the knot last weekend at a private ceremony (only 6 guests) in France after a 6-year engagement. After 6 years and a beautiful baby girl, I guess they decided that their relationship is a long-term thing.

Olive’s super cute ballerina get-up gives the impression that she’s a pretty serious dancer, not just making a fashion statement. Let’s hope she didn’t inherit her father’s dancing skills?

Do 2 and 1/2 year-olds usually take dance lessons? It seems a little young. Of course, I do happen to know some parents that take their 2 year olds to baby yoga.


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