Isla Fisher Picks Up Her Daughter Olive From Her Dance Class (Photos)

Isla Fisher

Aww. It looks like someone had one heck of a workout at their dance class today. Those toddler ballet classes can definitely work up a sweat, right?

Well, that’s probably how Isla Fisher’s daughter Olive was feeling when she was spotted being carried by her mother after leaving a dance class near Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon. Poor thing! I’m sure nap time probably felt great after class, too.

Check out our photos below!

  • Isla and Olive 1 of 5
    Isla and Olive
    Actress Isla Fisher carries her tired little ballerina Olive Cohen to the car after a long dance class in Los Angeles.
  • Poor Thing 2 of 5
    Poor Thing
    It looks like dance class was a grueling one for Olive today.
  • Dance, Dance 3 of 5
    Dance, Dance
    But if anything, nap time must have felt great afterwards!
  • Cute 4 of 5
    At least she looks so cute in her dance outfit, right?
  • Tell Us Your Thoughts 5 of 5
    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What extra-curricular activities do your children do during the weekdays?

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