Isn't Suri Cruise A Little Old To Be Carried Around?


katie holmesCelebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted at popular celebrity hangout Serendipity 3 on the Upper East Side this Labor Day long weekend. The famous couple were dining with their fashionista daughter, Suri, who mom Katie is seen carrying to a waiting car.

tom and katietom cruiseBut don’t you think Suri is a getting a little old for this kind of treatment? Suri turned 4 in April and is still being carried around by her Mom with a blanket in tow! I mean, she’s a pretty tall girl – she seems a bit big for Katie to still be carrying around, and it doesn’t look like a media circus surrounding them either that they’re trying to get away from! I understand that lots of kids still have favourite blankets and comfort items at the age of 4, but does she really need to be bringing into a restaurant?
Do you think it’s time that Katie and Tom let Suri grow up a little bit and stop treating her like a toddler?