It's A Christmas Baby For Kendra Wilkinson!



With the recent news of former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson expecting her first baby, comes word of her due date: Christmas Day!  And some not so pleasant news – Kendra has been feeling sick and even threw up in a limo. Awkward!

From E! Online via PEOPLE:

Kendra admits, “I’ve thrown up in almost every limo that has taken me out in the last week.  God, they hate me right now.”

The 23-year-old Playmate had originally planned to get pregnant a bit later and have a baby next June, however, things worked out differently, but she is “so happy.”

She revealed her due date.  “My doctor told me I’m due on Christmas Day!  The baby is going to be spoiled with a lot more gifts.”

Kendra and fiance Hank Baskett are going ahead with their wedding as planned with one change: an alteration to Kendra’s dress.

She said, “My boobs went from big to humongous.  They’re making some changes in the bust.”

Sounds like she’s very happy!


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