It's Christmas Every Day for Minnie Driver


minnie-driverMinnie Driver is one happy mama. The actress, who gave birth to son Henry last year, says she is enjoying every second of motherhood. “The love, the unquantifiable love, it just takes my breath away.  My son’s face in the morning or if I hear him saying, ‘Mama, Mama’ and when I go in he’s just sitting there in his crib… it feels like Christmas.”

Not to be cynical, Minnie, but even when they get older it’ll always feel like Christmas, too – because they’re constantly asking you to buy them things.

Minnie, who has never revealed the identity of Henry’s father, says she’s definitely thinking about having more children. “I’ve got to go back to work for a bit, but yeah, I want Henry to have brothers and sisters, or a brother or sister. It would be really nice for him.”