It's Confirmed! Kate Middleton Is Pregnant!

Kate MIddleton is pregnant!

Finally! I think we’ve been all waiting for this announcement to happen for what feels like forever! It has been confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is expecting her first child. I might be American, but I am seriously getting goosebumps over here! Talk about a great Christmas gift for the people of Great Britain.

Buckingham Palace confirmed the news this morning that Kate is indeed expecting her first child with Prince William. The news follows months of “Is she, or isn’t she?” gossip over her supposed bump and numerous “no comments” responses from officials at Clarence House.

The couple married in a lavish ceremony in April of 2011, and for almost a year and a half the world has been on a bump watch with Kate, while carefully inspecting her midsection for any possible bumps or big lunches. We are so excited for both William and Kate and can’t wait to find out what they’re having! Her baby, after all, is going to be the future king or queen of England. And considering how beautiful Kate is and how handsome Prince William is, that baby is going to be one gorgeous royal. How exciting!

Congrats once again to William and Kate. There is no doubt in my head that they are going to be wonderful parents! Here’s secretly hoping that they name her baby Diana if they have a girl. Fingers crossed!

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