It's National Princess Week! Check Out These Celeb Tots In Their Princess Gear

Honor Warren

It looks like Kate Middleton is doing more than starting a new princess trend here – she’s also making it a week-long celebration! Not only is this week Kate’s one-year anniversary to her hubby Prince William, but it’s also National Princess Week!

(Ok, actually it was Anne Hathaway who started the princess trend a few years back, but let’s give this one to our favorite Brit Kate. I mean, she did marry a Prince and all, right?)

We’ve complied a slideshow of cute celebrity toddlers in their princess gear to help kick-off the celebrations. If you have a toddler girl at home, we’re sure she’ll be celebrating in style too with plenty of tea parties, “Tangled” viewings at their pajama parties and lots (and I mean lots) of Snow White and Cinderella references. Disney, you owe us. And you owe us big.

Check out our photo gallery of Hollywood’s little princesses and tell us, how do you plan on celebrating National Princess Week? Also, does your little princess have a favorite Disney character? My 4-year-old’s changes every week!

  • Nicole Richie and Family 1 of 10
    Nicole Richie and Family
    Enjoying a Rapunzel show in London.
  • Ava Jackman 2 of 10
    Ava Jackman
    How cute is High Jackman's daughter as a princess?
  • Grace Burns 3 of 10
    Grace Burns
    Not only is Grace a princess, but she also has her mom Christy Turlington's model looks.
  • Kyle Richards and her Daughter 4 of 10
    Kyle Richards and her Daughter
    Even the stars of the Real Housewives franchise love to play dress up!
  • Maggie Rose Stewart 5 of 10
    Maggie Rose Stewart
    How cute is Jon Stewart's daughter here in her princess get up?
  • Naleigh Kelley 6 of 10
    Naleigh Kelley
    Katherine Heigl wears a witch costume as she and her husband Josh Kelley dress their adorable daughter Naleigh in a princess costume for a Halloween party.
  • Honor Warren 7 of 10
    Honor Warren
    Honor Marie Warren looks adorable in her purple princess dress with her own birthday button.
  • Anja Mazur 8 of 10
    Anja Mazur
    Alessandra Ambrosio takes her daughter, Anja, dressed like a princess, to a kids Halloween party in Pacific Palisades.
  • Busy Phillips and Daughter 9 of 10
    Busy Phillips and Daughter
    Busy Philipps at the 17th Annual Dream Halloween Benefitting the Children Affected by Aids Foundation with her little Tinkerbell.
  • Elin Nordergren 10 of 10
    Elin Nordergren
    Tiger Woods' ex Elin Nordegren going trick-o-treating with her kids last Halloween in Orlando.

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