It's Not Over For Keanu Reeves - Battle Of The DNA


keanu-reevesThe battle isn’t over for Keanu Reeves. The woman that says that he is the father of one of her kids is still crazy and she’s not done fighting this. She wants her money!

He gave up his DNA for testing and was proven not to be the father. Karen Sala doesn’t care. She’s now claiming that the DNA testing was not conducted correctly and hasn’t withdrawn her bid for financial support.

Who is her lawyer and who is advising her in this case? She’s nuts.

Reeves’ lawyer told Eonline, “Ms. Sala is challenging the validity of the DNA testing, so the case goes on. If (Sala) wants to challenge it, let her go right ahead. But we are confident that the DNA testing was done properly and that the results are sound.”

14:59 and counting Ms. Sala, 14:59 and counting.

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