It's Official: Kim Kardashian to Divorce! Why? And What Will Her Family Say?

Kim Kardashian and Kim Humphries to Divorce

If you’ve watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians you know that the Kardashian clan was never “over the moon” about Kim Kardashian marrying Kris Humphries. They did not greet him with the most open of arms. Kim seemed to be the only one who thought it would last. But she was wrong, very wrong.

On October 31st – Halloween – Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage. And while the public – and perhaps her family – were wondering when they’d procreate the two were actually not growing a family but growing apart.

Why did the two break up? And what will Kim’s family reaction be?

Reportedly, Kim wasn’t keen on the idea of moving to Kris’s home town state of Minnesota. Apparently Kris had some misguided belief that Kim would actually live in Minnesota, but everyone one knows she would never move to someplace that wasn’t Los Angeles, Miami or New York City.  Also, Kim is all about being famous which is probably a factor in the break up.

As for the family, although they all wanted to see the Kardashian family grow with the addition of another baby, it seemed no one was holding their breath that Kim would become pregnant any time soon. Kim herself said they were going to wait at least a year, and now it looks like the answer will be never.  As of now, the family hasn’t responded to the news, only promoting their new store in Las Vegas –  which opens today. But you know the questions at the party won’t be about the clothes, the fashion or their new venture but rather all about what happened to Kim and Kris.

Were you surprised that broke up instead staying together and starting a family?