It's Tanzania For Christy Turlington's Kids


christy-turlington-300Christy Turlington plans to take her kids with her on charity missions when they’re older. The supermodel, who has been involved with aid agency CARE International in Latin America and Product Red in Africa, explains to Grace, 6, and Finn, 3, that she’s helping other moms and their families.

She said, “I look forward to them being old enough to come with me; I plan to take them to Tanzania when they’re eight and 11. I think sharing the world with them will be my greatest contributions as their mother.

“I’ve told them about some of the conditions I’ve witnessed, but I balance that by describing the natural beauty of a place like Africa. They can identify the spots I’ve visited on a map, including Bangladesh.”

They might recognize the names of a few foreign countries but can they name fashion designers?

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