It's True: Bethenny Frankel Of Real Housewives is Preggers!


bethenny-frankel-imageIt’s true. Bethenny Frankel is preggers.  The non-real housewife from The Real Housewives of New York not only will really becoming a wife (she got engaged last weekend) but she will soon be a mom. Do I smell a shot gun wedding? Perez Hilton first spilled the beans from the help on an ‘insider’. Bethenny confirmed to People that she is knocked up, saying while “fighting back tears”:

“It’s premature to be telling people this. It’s not like, ‘Did I Get Botox’ It’s not the way I wanted it to get out. I haven’t even gone through my first trimester. We haven’t even heard the heartbeat. My [fiancé’s] parents didn’t even know.”

She said her and fiancé Jason Hoppy had hoped to keep their little secret longer but they are “both so excited” and that she is “praying everything is okay”. On the topic of getting knocked up before tying the knot she said, “I’m no spring chicken. I didn’t think it was going to happen right away. Because of my age, sometimes we weren’t totally careful. I got to be honest, we are both feeling kind of proud of ourselves. We are both 38 and we were like, ‘Listen, your fish can swim and I am fertile.’ So that’s exciting.”

One change she has already noticed? This skinny Minnie is hungry. Really hungry. “I’m hungry in a way that is not negotiable. I’m not eating tremendous amount[s] but if I am hungry, I will stab someone for food.” She said she devoured a jar of pickles before she even did a pregnancy test, saying “That’s so cliché. I just want salt. Salt on everything.”

Those “Skinny Girl Margaritas” will have to wait. She won’t be having one of those for a while.