Ivanka Trump Baby Girl Name Arabella Rose, Donald Trump Announces

Ivanka Trump baby girl name Arabella Rose
Ivanka Trump names baby girl Arabella Rose

The Ivanka Trump baby name news is here, courtesy of granddad Donald Trump!

Ivanka Trump had a baby girl yesterday and Donald told “Fox & Friends” via phone call this morning, “I just left the hospital… The baby is beautiful.” Trump announced that Ivanka’s baby is named Arabella Rose.

Such a beautiful name – unique and not an overly kooky celeb baby name!

According to, Arabella is of English origin and means “beautiful lion.” The name is a combination of Ara and Bella., however, says Arabella is of Latin origin and means “prayerful.”

Rose is obviously named for a beautiful flower.

Arabella Rose is a really pretty name, don’t you think?

Image: PCNPhotos

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