Ivanka Trump Having a Baby Girl: 5 Baby Name Suggestions

Ivanka trump pregnant
What will Ivanka Trump name her baby girl?

Ivanka Trump is having a baby girl, due on July 14th. The stylish first-time mom has opened up about her pregnancy, but there is no word yet on what baby names she is considering.

Since we know celebs tend to choose bizarre baby names- they apparently didn’t read my Open Letter to Celeb Moms-to-be on baby naming advice– we thought we’d make some baby name suggestions for Ivanka Trump. Ivanka might want to stay with traditional names, or names with family meaning:

1. Ilana: Ivana, Ivanka, and then Ilana. It’s like the female version of putting a “Junior” or “IV” after your son’s name.

2.  Donna: as a nod to her father. Maybe even spelled Dona, which would be a little unusual, but not like naming your child Moroccan.

3.  Marie/Maria: Ivanka’s middle name is Marie.

4.  Johanna: The Donald’s middle name is John.

5.  Odelia: it means “little wealthy ruler” and let’s face it, that would describe this little baby girl!

Do you think Ivanka will pick a traditional baby name? Or will she go with the celeb trend of choosing an unusual baby name?

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