Ivanka Trump Leaves Baby at Home for Date Night

Ivanka Trump baby
New Mom Ivanka Trump

Most new moms struggle a little to have baby-free time after their first is born.  It takes a while to feel comfortable leaving the baby with someone else. For me, I had to feel up to it physically.  I felt a bit beat up after giving birth and was operating on very little sleep. So, date night waited a while.

But, new mom Ivanka Trump was ready to head out quickly after her daughter was born, making it sound like it had been forever since she’d had a date night.

Ivanka tweeted “Just enjoyed my first night out of the house since Arabella and I came home from the hospital. I had a great date with my husband!”

That was last night. Her baby girl Arabella was born on July 17th. Eleven days and she’s out the door! Though, she’d already headed back to work for a little while last week.

How long did it take you to have a date night after your first baby was born?

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