Ivanka Trump's Real Mom Fears About Labor and Childbirth

ivanka trump
Ivanka Trump Reveals Her Labor Fears

Miranda Kerr isn’t the only celebrity mom talking about her fears about childbirth this week.  Just days after Kerr shared her birth experience with Australia’s InStyle Magazine, Celebrity Apprentice judge Ivanka Trump reveals that she’s a wee bit terrified by the whole concept of childbirth.

The day before she was due to give birth to her daughter, Ivanka revealed to People magazine that she was “trying not to think about” the labor.

“My breathing exercises are going to come in the form of screams and panic,” she joked. “I have enough anxiety about the type of mother I’m going to be and the nuances of being a parent.  I haven’t focused too much on the actual delivery part, which is seriously terrifying.”

It appears that Ivanka will have to wait a while longer before she can put her fears to rest.  The expectant mom tweeted on Thursday, “Heading to work (on my due date!) Instinct tells me that this little girl is not planning on making her debut today. We’ll see!”

Since she hasn’t posted anything since Thursday, maybe we’ll be seeing a birth announcement from the Trump family early this week!

Photo: Pacific Coast News