J Cole Friday Night Lights Download: Here's How and Why It's Not for Kids

j cole friday night lights
J Cole Friday Night Lights mix is not suitable for kids

J Cole, the 25-year-old rapper, knew his ‘Friday Night Lights mix’ — available as an exclusive download on his web site — was going to be a big hit with fans, so he Tweeted the link as well, noting he didn’t want an overwhelming response to crash his site. But before you download, check out the lyrics, which are not appropriate for children.

‘Friday Night Lights’ contains the much anticipated track ‘In The Morning’, which is a collaboration with fellow rapper Drake. The song is the first duet between the the two who are often compared because of their similar success stories. While Drake has been championed by the Lil Wayne, Cole is the protege of Jay-Z. Speaking about working with J. Cole to MTV News, Drake said, “Me and him will probably have many opportunities to rap, and try and out-rap each other. But it’s not about entertaining the ‘who’s better?’ debate that I’m sure everybody else is engaged in.”

Before you think about letting your kids download it, think again. The lyrics are not kid-friendly, with many expletives, references to drugs and other inappropriate material for children. ‘Friday Night Lights’ is the third official mix-tape from J Cole. The J Cole and Drake song can be downloaded here. The mix information is available at his official web site which directs you here to download today.


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